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Efficient Jetty Management seamlessly with Odoo ERP

Company Profile

PT Siam Maspion Terminal is a prominent Jetty terminal operator situated in the Manyar Industrial Area, Gresik. Specializing in providing berthing services for cargo vessels, the company manages six jetties as a crucial part of its operations.

Pain Point

In its day-to-day operations, PT Siam Maspion Terminal relied on Excel spreadsheets across various divisions, including sales, accounting, SSHE (Safety, Security, Health, and Environment), and berthing and unberthing operations. This decentralized approach led to classic challenges, where each division had its own version of ship data and schedules. Discrepancies in data hindered reporting processes and supervision. Billing processes became intricate due to the need for manual input of operational data, requiring significant manpower. Moreover, being a dual-venture company, handling two accounting versions (Rupiah and USD Dollar) added an extra layer of complexity.

Odoo ERP

The compelling aspect here is that Odoo ERP doesn't have a specific module for Jetty Management. However, leveraging Odoo ERP's flexibility, we developed a custom module tailored for jetty management. This comprehensive solution covers everything from berthing/unberthing planning to vessel master data and the SSHE module. Odoo ERP streamline operations and address PT Siam Maspion Terminal problem. Unifying data across divisions, eliminating the need for separate versions and ensuring real-time synchronization of ship-related information The implementation of Odoo ERP facilitated efficient reporting, enhanced supervision, and simplified the billing process by automating data input.


Sales To Invoice Module
Sales To Invoice Module
Warehouse Management
Accouting Management


The implementation of Odoo ERP and the development of a customized module have effectively addressed the complex challenges faced by PT Siam Maspion Terminal.

  • Centralizing data & Synchronizing processes
  • Generation of 2 Accounting Book (Rupiah and USD Dollar)
  • Asset & Maintenance Management for Their Jetty
  • Enhanced efficiency of Berthing and Unberthing operational

This strategic use of Odoo ERP highlights PT Siam Maspion Terminal's commitment to overcoming industry-specific challenges and embracing tailored solutions for optimal performance.

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