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Odoo ERP Automate Machine-to-Machine data for Efficiency

Company Profile

PT Sepulsa Teknologi Indonesia, headquartered in Jakarta, is a technology information company specializing in API-based systems for prepaid mobile credit sales. The company collaborates with leading Indonesian marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee, and various other applications.

Pain Point

In its operational history, PT Sepulsa Teknologi Indonesia utilized cloud-based accounting software. However, managing the input of hundreds of transactions per hour from partner marketplace systems proved challenging. The abundance of transactional data complicated aggregate calculations and data reporting processes. The inflexible nature of the cloud-based system further compounded the company's operational difficulties.

Odoo ERP

To address these challenges, PT Sepulsa Teknologi Indonesia opted for a customized Odoo ERP module. This tailored solution provided an API to seamlessly ingest real-time data from partner marketplaces. The data is then aggregated and directly integrated into monthly invoices for partner marketplaces. With this module, Odoo ERP effortlessly handles 1000 transactions per minute, ensuring accurate and streamlined company accounting. This solution not only efficiently handles high-volume transactions but also provides a centralized platform for seamless data aggregation and reporting


Sales To Invoice Module
Sales To Invoice Module
Warehouse Management
Accouting Management


The integration of Odoo ERP has significantly improved the operational landscape for PT Sepulsa Teknologi Indonesia such as:

  • Realtime data input from API partner Marketplace.
  • Simplifying complex accounting processes for thousands of transactions.
  • Streamlined report generation.
  • Reduced the workforce required for data input and processing.

By overcoming the challenges of real-time data ingestion and providing flexible customization, the company now experiences enhanced efficiency and accuracy in its financial processes. This strategic move underscores PT Sepulsa Teknologi Indonesia's commitment to adopting advanced solutions for sustainable business growth.

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