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Company Profile

PT. Aneka Kencana Plastindo, headquartered in East Java, Indonesia, stands as a distinguished flexible packaging film manufacturer. Specializing in the production of bulk packaging for snacks, the company has established itself as a key player in the industry. With a commitment to quality and innovation, PT. Aneka Kencana Plastindo continues to serve as a trusted supplier, contributing to the success of various brands in the market.

Pain Point

In the early days of PT. Aneka Kencana Plastindo, the absence of a business system led to the proliferation of silos in manual data management. This resulted in discrepancies between datasets, creating obstacles for seamless operations. The lack of synchronization and centralization in their data handling processes posed a significant challenge to efficiency and accuracy in day-to-day activities and reporting.

Odoo ERP

Recognizing the imperative for a comprehensive solution, PT. Aneka Kencana Plastindo implemented the Odoo ERP system. Odoo ERP platform seamlessly integrated into their operations, unifying data across departments and eliminating disparities. From sales to delivery, from demand to manufacturing, from invoicing to finance, all process synchorize. The Odoo ERP solution emerged as a robust tool, providing a centralized hub for streamlined data management and operational efficiency.


Sales To Invoice Module
Sales To Invoice Module
Warehouse Management
Accouting Management
Manufacturing Management


The adoption of the Odoo ERP system has been transformative for PT. Aneka Kencana Plastindo. By addressing the challenges posed by manual data management, the company has experienced:

  • improved accuracy
  • reduced operational obstacles
  • improved production efficiency
  • Near Realtime financial Report
  • Accurate Cost Of Goods Sale

The successful integration of this solution underscores PT. Aneka Kencana Plastindo's commitment to technological advancements and continuous improvement within the dynamic landscape of flexible packaging manufacturing.

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